What comes to mind when you think of LASIK?

04 September 2019


  1. Why is it so expensive?
    Yes. Laser Vision Correction(LVC) is expensive compared to purchasing a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. But, have you take into account the total amount of expenses that you had spent and will be spending from the moment you get your first pair of glasses until the estimated time you forgo your eyeglasses? Without you noticing, the total amount on eyewear and contact lenses can double or triple the amount of LVC. Furthermore, investing on your own eyesight is much more worthwhile than on a vehicle. The average car age is 11 years according to European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) and a car is 10 times more expensive than LVC. So, LVC is a long term investment with great cost savings.
  2. What about side effects?
    The common side effects are like dry eyes, glares, haloes and fluctuating vision. These are usually temporary and will subside within 3 months’ time. What is 3 months of patience compared to years of blurry vision? One just have to be patient for approximately few months to regain stable vision and full adaptation of your new vision, some may just need a few weeks’ time to fully enjoy their renewed vision. To clarify further, the fluctuating vision is not hazy or blurry that can stop you from your normal daily activities. Most of the patients’ vision immediately improves 80% better, then reaches 100% within a few days. However, the vision may be slightly clearer or blurrier for the first few months (up to +/-0.50D).
  3. I don’t have much time to wait for it to recover.
    With ReLEx Smile technology, 92% of the patients are able to achieve 20/20 or 6/6 vision on Day 1 after the procedure. [1] [2] ReLEx Smile is the latest Laser Vision Correction (LVC) procedure, utilising a Single Step Laser – Femtosecond, it offers the most advantages among other LVC methods. It is minimally invasive, flapless and bladeless. Thanks to the cutting edge technology of ReLEx Smile, it offers fast healing, minimal discomfort, lesser risk of dry eye, excellent predictability of visual outcomes and preservation of the corneal biomechanical stability. So, can you trade 1 day for a life time of clear vision?
  4. My friends can’t recognise me if I go out without my glasses.
    This is a subjective statement, as it can be a good difference or a bad difference. If it is a good difference means you look much more presentable without glasses, which is a valid reason for you to get your eyes laser-ed. If you care about your friend’s comments that you look better with glasses on, there is always an option to get a hipster glasses after LVC.
  5. Oh wait a minute! I can run away easily during emergency... if I don’t have to worry about losing my glasses.
    This is so true. For those who are wearing glasses or even contact lenses out there, most of you would have imagined if something dangerous is going to happen and you drop your glasses or contact lenses. There is clearly no time for you to get back your glasses (worse for contact lenses) during such emergency. This is why the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) refractive surgeons are now offering ReLEx Smile to service members whose work requires excellent visual acuity in demanding conditions.


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