When Shu Xian's life was turned upside down after a devastating car accident, she faced the possibility of losing her leg. With unwavering determination and the support of exceptional doctors at Sunway Medical Centre in Malaysia, she embarked on an arduous journey of leg reconstruction surgery that would change her life forever.


A loving father, Mr Q, made the courageous decision to donate his kidney to his daughter, saving her life and setting an inspiring example for others. This remarkable story showcases the power of love and sacrifice, emphasizing the importance of regular health check-ups, blood donation, and a strong support system in the face of life-threatening situations.


Love, sacrifice, and renewed perspective—these are the words that come to mind when hearing the story of Ana and Leandro. Ana was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease when she moved to Malaysia ten years ago, but was able to live a relatively normal life until last October, when her condition suddenly worsened and she had to start dialysis.


了解女性健康检查、HPV 疫苗接种以及了解女性癌症存活率的重要性。 随时了解情况以获得更好的结果。


Puberty is a time of significant physical and hormonal changes that affect both boys and girls. While it is a natural and necessary part of growing up, it can also be a confusing and challenging time for both parents and children.




黄疸是新生儿的常见病症,可能会引起新父母的担忧。 它的特点是婴儿的脸部和身体呈淡黄色。 了解黄疸的原因、何时寻求医疗建议以及如何控制这种情况非常重要。


由于婴儿的鼻孔和喉咙狭窄,他们的呼吸声可能会非常吵闹。 当空气与唾液和其他分泌物一起穿过这些小空间时,会产生各种噪音,从鼻塞声到咕噜声。




您的孩子是否抱怨腿部或关节夜间疼痛? 如果是这样,他们可能正在经历成长的烦恼。 生长痛在儿童中很常见,但了解如何将其与更严重的问题区分开来很重要。


手足口病,俗称手足口病,是由柯萨奇病毒和肠道病毒引起的病毒感染。 它具有高度传染性,主要影响幼儿。



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