Our diets affect us in many different ways, from fuelling our growth to helping prevent disease and faster recovery from sickness, what we choose to eat & ways to eat correctly has a big impact on our lives.

SunMed Dietetics & Nutrition Services offers a comprehensive range of medical nutrition therapies, individual diet counselling, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and preventive programmes that contributes towards a better health, wellbeing, productivity and lifestyle.

Our Service Philosophy (3E’s):

  • At SunMed Dietetics & Nutrition Services, we ENCOURAGE our clients and patients to enjoy eating well for health, instead of telling them NOT to eat. We want all to eat right and eat well to improve the health status and maintain good health.
  • We EMPOWER our clients to set personal and sensible nutrition goals and help them fit these goals into their work and family commitments.
  • We provide EVIDENCE BASED nutrition information and advice. Our dietitians assess the client’s current diet, and apply the relevant scientific research evidence to translate the requirements into easy and practical dietary and lifestyle tips.
Services & Procedures Offered

Our dietitians provide personalised, practical advice and supports to all in- and out-patients and the community in a professional environment. Our competent diet technicians assisted in monitoring in-patients’ meals especially those on a therapeutic diet by ensuring nutritional therapy is carried out before diet intervention by dieticians is required.

We offer the following services:

One-to-One Consultation

  • Personalised nutrition assessment
  • Individualised diet therapy and intervention
  • Monitoring and evaluation of goal settings
  • Follow-up


Nutrition and diet therapy in the ward

  • Nutritional risk screening
  • Individualised meal plan for the critically-ill, elderly and patients with special needs
  • Tube feeding and parenteral nutrition support
  • Nutrition and diet planning for home care


Community Service

  • Healthy eating education at the workplace
  • Weight management programme at the workplace-LEAN (short link to LEAN)
  • School weight management programme
  • School healthy eating education
  • Healthy canteen campaign
  • Diet and nutritional health talks (small and large group)
  • Staff health and nutrition screening programme
  • Nutrition workshop on the management of chronic diseases

Group education/ workshop for special needs

  • Promote group synergy to achieve goals
  • Support group for clients and their family members


Menu Planning and Consultation

We provide professional menu analysis and planning for hotels, child care centres, nursing homes, school and workplace canteens, and restaurants.

We also conduct in-house training for chefs and cooks who cater for guests with special dietary needs.



  • Food and nutrition courses for food service providers
  • Dietetics and nutrition student placement

We also carry a wide range of special medical nutrition formular.


LEAN Club (Life-changing Education through Activity and Nutrition) offers a structured weight management programme for kids, teenagers and adults. The LEAN approach provides nutrition, exercise and behavioural modification therapy that helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for life.

For more details, please go to LEAN Club website or LEAN Club Facebook.


Lau Wai Hong, Celeste (Dietetics Manager)
MD Nutrition & Dietetics, Australia, BSc (Hons) Nutrition, UKM
Member of Malaysian Dietitians’ Association (MDA)

Celeste received her credential in dietetics from Australia. She is currently the Head of Department in the Dietetics & Nutrition Services of Sunway Medical Centre. She leads the department in both clinical and community based nutritional wellness.

Celeste actively conducts talks, workshops and weight management programs to the public and corporate clients. Besides contributing write-ups to health magazines and newspaper companies, she also does radio and TV interviews on health related issues.

Besides managerial tasks, her special interest is in children’s health and nutrition in managing chronic diseases eg. cancer, diabetes and eating disorders.

Saw Bee Suan (Assistant Manager, Dietetics)
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Dietetics), USM
Member of Malaysian Dietitians’ Association (MDA)

Bee Suan received her credential in dietetics from University Science Malaysia. In her current role as the Assistant Dietetics Manager at Sunway Medical Centre, she establishes, monitors and reviews the standard dietetics practice guidelines and protocols at Sunway Medical Centre and ensures compliance by all Sunway Medical Centre dietitians and other dietetics staffs.

She is also a practising dietitian who is very involved in nutrition support, medical nutrition therapy as well as provides diet counselling to all age groups, from children to the elderly, with different health issues and diseases.

Bee Suan is also a public speaker for corporate clients and communities, a panelist for local magazines and radio stations. Bee Suan’s special interest is in managing patients in critical care, cancer and surgery.

Michelle Gan Pei Chee (Dietitian)
Bachelor of Sciences (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics (Australia)
Member of Malaysian Dietitians’ Association (MDA)

Michelle Gan received her credential in BSc. (Hons) Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Flinders University, South Australia. She is currently a member of the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association (MDA), associate member for Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) and an affiliate member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).

Michelle started her career as a dietitian in Sunway Medical Centre, working across geriatrics, malnutrition, heart health, weight management and chronic diseases. Apart from working as a clinical dietitian, she is also actively involved in community projects, including conducting health talks, workshops, as well as writing for magazines.

Michelle also has a great interest in research studies. She has been one of the speakers at the annual DAA (Dietitian Association of Australia) conference, presenting her research paper in critical care nutrition improvement project.

Ang Hui Inn (Dietitian)
Bachelor of Sciences (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics, IMU
Member of Malaysian Dietitians’ Association (MDA)

Hui Inn received her credential in BSc. (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics from International Medical University, Malaysia. She is an active member of the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association (MDA).

In her present role as a Dietitian in Sunway Medical Centre, she manages patients in both medical and surgical cases including critically ill patients which involve enteral and parenteral nutrition support.

Besides working as a clinical dietitian, Hui Inn is also involved in community projects, including conducting health talks, workshops, as well as writing for magazines.

Hui Inn’s special interest is in managing patients in children’s nutrition.


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