Cherish Card - Senior Citizen Privilege Card

Cherish Club: Senior Citizen Benefits in Malaysia

Stay engaged, healthy, and privileged with the Cherish Club at Sunway Medical Centre, offering exclusive senior citizen benefits in Malaysia. Designed exclusively for our esteemed members, the Cherish Club provides a world of exclusive benefits and opportunities tailored for seniors.

Apply for the Cherish Card to enjoy your senior citizen benefits!

Become a Cherish Card holder and unlock senior citizen benefits in Malaysia that are tailored just for you. The Cherish Card is your gateway to the Cherish Club, where health, wellness, and community come together.

Exclusive Senior Citizen Benefits in Malaysia -FREE Lifetime Membership!

SunMed Kid's Club

Health and Wellness Discounts

  • 38% discount on Home Nursing Respite Elder Care from Sunway Home Healthcare
  • 30% discount on selected Executive Health Screening packages
  • 20% discount on room rates (excludes critical care units such as ICU/CCU/HDU/CHDU/isolation rooms)
  • 10% discount on Home Physiotherapy from Sunway Home Healthcare
  • 10% discount on Home Skilled Nursing from Sunway Home Healthcare
  • 10% discount on SunMed Retail Pharmacy @ Tower A
  • 5% discount on hospital charges for admission and daycare (based on selected items only. Not applicable to consignment items and outsourced services.)
  • 10% discount on procedures at Sunway TCM Centre

Exclusive Invitations and Retail Discounts

  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Special discount on participating retailers
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