About Us

We know that fighting cancer puts a lot of burden on your body, heart, and mind. That is why we want to make the road to getting better as comfortable, hassle-free, and cost-effective for you as possible.

Sunway Cancer Centre is the comprehensive cancer care centre supporting patients with all kinds of cancer from common to rare. Our specialists and healthcare staff pledge to dedicate their professional lives combating cancer and reducing patients’ pain and suffering.

Our approach is holistic and compassionate, standing by the patients throughout their entire cancer journey, from diagnosis to full recovery.


Treatments and Procedures

Even within the same cancer type, treatment planning can be very different for different individuals. We always ensure that our treatments are personalised, clinically recognised, research and result driven, and able to get patients back to their feet in as little time, cost, and discomfort as possible.

We continually see that our treatment options and programmes are the most wide ranging, advanced, and safe that patients can find. The Centre is equipped with the latest chemo drugs, radiotherapy technologies, along with success-rate proven experience in modern treatment methods from targeted therapy, interventional radiology, targeted radionuclide therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, cryotherapy, and surgery, to less robust programmes such as observation and monitoring.


Allied Health Services

Other than treating cancer, we also want patients to continue living normally, with maximum participation in their family, work, social, and personal lives. Our supportive health services are steered by professionals trained to help patients regain control over their lives, by improving their bodily functions, reimagining their lifestyles, relieving their pain, and offering all kinds of relevant care plans that make life more liveable.

Sunway Cancer Centre works closely with Sunway Medical Centre’s allied healthcare teams, including Palliative Medicine, Dietetics & Nutrition, Home Nursing, Speech & Hearing, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Psychiatry & Behavioural Health, to give patients an empathetic, well-rounded support outside of the cancer treatment room.


Capability and Capacity

As one of the largest radiotherapy centres in the country, Sunway Cancer Centre also benefits from a full scale cancer team made up of oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, physicians, radiologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists, and oncology nurses. Among them, we have 8 oncologists, 6 haematologists, 3 paediatric haematologists & oncologists, 3 nuclear medicine physicians and 3 interventional radiologists.

All oncology specialists work together with surgeons and physicians from more than 60 other medical specialties, fully utilising 6 high-tech radiotherapy machines available in the Centre, along with surgical robotics, minimally invasive devices, the latest imaging, screening, and diagnostic systems, and a dedicated, fully staffed and digitised laboratory, all situated in-house.

Patients of the Centre also benefit from a spacious and calming chemo day ward, and dedicated oncology wards to serve and provide care with more personalisation that encourages hope, comfort and the best possible outcomes.


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