The Bartholin's glands, positioned on either side of the vaginal entrance, play a crucial role in vaginal lubrication. Occasionally, these glands' openings get blocked, causing fluid to accumulate, resulting in a Bartholin’s cyst. If this fluid becomes infected, it can lead to an agonising collection of pus within inflamed tissue.

Marsupialisation: A Solution to Bartholin’s Cyst

The marsupialisation technique for treating a Bartholin’s cyst involves making a slit in the cyst. The cyst's edges are then sutured to the surrounding skin, enabling it to drain effectively and hindering its recurrence.

  • Efficiently drain the obstructed Bartholin’s glands.
  • Mitigate inflammation and reduce the risk of infection.

Preparing for the Marsupialisation

  1. The medical team will brief you on the procedure's specifics, after which you'll sign consent forms.
  2. Alert your doctor to any medication allergies.
  3. Clean and dry your genital area.
  4. Position yourself on the medical bed, placing your legs in stirrups for optimum doctor access.

The Procedure Detailed

  1. An internal examination precedes the actual procedure.
  2. The doctor sanitises the affected area and administers a local anaesthetic.
  3. After ensuring sterility, an incision is made, and the cyst is drained and cleaned.
  4. The cyst's sides are sewn into the surrounding skin, with a gauze piece introduced to enhance drainage.
  5. Post-procedure, daily hospital visits might be necessary, culminating in a week's follow-up.

Post-procedure Care

  • Refrain from sexual activities for a week post-procedure.
  • Maintain genital hygiene. If menstruating, frequently change sanitary pads.
  • Eschew tight underwear to prevent cyst recurrence.
  • Adhere to the doctor’s guidelines and honour all appointments.

Risks and Complications

Should you observe any bleeding, pronounced swelling, escalating pain, fever, or vaginal pus discharge, consult your doctor immediately.

Success Rate and Potential Outcomes

Although recurrence is possible, avoiding tight underwear can diminish the risks. Without the procedure, while malignancy is rare, intense infection and pain could disrupt daily life.

Alternatives to Marsupialisation

For benign, non-intrusive Bartholin’s cysts, immediate treatment might be unnecessary. In some cases, antibiotic prescriptions provide relief.