Discover the causes and symptoms of dandruff, and explore various treatment options available. Take control of your scalp health.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a skin condition characterised by itching, redness, and skin flaking. It predominantly affects regions with a high concentration of oil glands such as the hairline, ears, eyebrows, nose creases, and breasts.

Potential Causes of Dandruff

While the precise origin of dandruff remains a mystery, some believe genetics might play a role. Those with oily hair or skin often report higher instances of dandruff. Moreover, certain chronic conditions linked to the immune or nervous system might escalate its occurrence.

Identifying Dandruff Symptoms

Dandruff manifests in varying intensities, ranging from mild to acute. Common indications include:

  • Dry or oily skin flakes
  • Red and scaly patches, especially on the forehead, eyebrows, nose creases, and cheeks

Diagnosing Dandruff

For a diagnosis, the physician will discuss symptoms and any prior treatments you've undertaken. A thorough physical examination will follow. In certain scenarios, skin samples may be dispatched to a laboratory for conclusive identification.

Treatment Options for Dandruff

A variety of treatments are available:

  • Shampoos and solutions with ingredients like coal tar, steroids, antifungals, or topical calcineurin inhibitors to address rashes
  • Solutions infused with coal tar, steroids, antifungals, or calcineurin inhibitors targeting affected skin areas
  • Prescription oral medications

Preventive Measures for Dandruff

Preventing dandruff can be challenging since its exact cause is yet to be identified. However, to mitigate its spread, individuals are advised against scratching the affected regions.