Epidermal cysts manifest as small, firm bumps developing gradually beneath the skin's surface. These cysts are filled with a thick substance composed of dead keratin cells and secretions from oil glands.

What Causes Epidermal Cysts?

  1. Keratin accumulation – a natural protein found in skin cells.
  2. Hair follicle damage due to acne.
  3. Blockage or malfunction of the oil glands.

Recognising the Symptoms

  • Appearance of small, firm bumps beneath the skin.
  • Presence of thick and odorous substance within these bumps.
  • Reddening of lumps, signalling infection. When pressed, they can be painful and cause discomfort.

Note: It's essential to recognise that these indicators can also signify conditions other than epidermal cysts. Always consult with a healthcare professional for an accurate assessment.

How Are Epidermal Cysts Diagnosed?

While doctors can typically identify epidermal cysts based on skin appearance, in uncertain cases, a dermatologist's expertise might be sought for a definitive diagnosis.

Treatment Options

  • Surgical Excision: A procedure to eliminate the cysts.
  • Draining: Employed to open up and clear out abscessed or infected cysts.
  • Steroid Injections: Used primarily to alleviate inflammation and early-stage infections, rather than to remove the cysts.