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Causes of Hip Osteoarthritis (OA)

Common Causes:

  • Idiopathic Hip Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis of the hip where the cause is unknown
  • Developmental Hip Dysplasia (DDH): Arises from abnormal hip joint formation during foetal development
  • Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head (ONFH)
  • Post-Traumatic Hip OA: Occurs after hip injury
  • Septic Hip Arthritis: Resulting from an infection in the hip joint
  • Other Types of Arthritis: Including Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis

Symptoms of Hip Osteoarthritis

Patients commonly experience hip pain, particularly in the groyne area, during activities like walking. This aching may extend down to the knee but doesn't reach the feet and is not accompanied by numbness. Initial symptoms usually include stiffness when moving the hip joint, and as the condition worsens, patients may find it increasingly difficult to walk normally due to joint stiffness.

Diagnosing Hip Osteoarthritis

Before initiating treatment, medical professionals will assess the condition of your hip joint using diagnostic methods like radiographs, CT scans, or MRIs to gauge the severity of the degeneration.

Treatment Options for Hip Osteoarthritis

Initial Treatment for Mild Cases

For mild degenerative cases, patients are typically advised to undergo medication and physical therapy based on the symptoms observed.

Treatment for Severe Cases

Patients dealing with severe degenerative conditions often require hip replacement surgery.

Holistic Care at Our Centre

We offer multi-disciplinary teams and specialists in related fields, all collaborating effectively to ensure that you receive the highest standard of care throughout your diagnosis, treatment options, and rehabilitation processes. Our ultimate aim is to assist you in resuming an active lifestyle and engaging in your favourite activities.