Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is surgical procedure used to treat various neurological conditions like essential tremors, dystonia, and arm tremors caused by multiple sclerosis. In patients with very severe Parkinson’s disease symptoms that cannot be controlled by medications, DBS may help reduce the severity of:
  • Tremors
  • Rigidity
  • Stiffness
  • Slowed movement
  • Walking problems

DBS involves surgery to place a neurostimulator system (consisting of a lead, extension and neurostimulator) in the brain. The lead is a thin, insulated wire that is implanted in the affected area of the brain through a small opening in the skull. The extension is another wire that will be passed under the skin of the head, neck and shoulder, and connected to the neurostimulator, which will be implanted either near the collarbone, in the lower chest, or abdomen.

Unlike some other surgical procedures for Parkinson’s that could harm healthy brain tissue, DBS blocks electrical signals that cause tremors in targeted areas of the brain without damaging any nerves. The stimulation from the neurostimulator can be adjusted or reversed.


Services & Procedures Offered

SunMed offers Deep Brain Stimulation service for selected cases of Parkinson’s disease, tremor and generalised dystonia. The team is highly experienced and is equipped with the latest scanning techniques to make this innovative procedure possible.Rigorous assessments will be carried out to determine the patient’s suitability for DBS surgery. Prior to the procedure, the neurosurgeon will perform a physical examination to determine if DBS is suitable for the patient.

The patient will be briefed on the surgical procedures and risks involved before the surgery. The patient will usually be required to stay in the ward for the DBS surgery. After surgery, the patient will be briefed on follow-up care.