1,000 Robot-Assisted Surgeries and Counting

22 December 2022

Sunway Medical Centre commemorated the administration of 1,000 robot-assisted surgeries at an event at SunMed Convention Centre in Bandar Sunway, Selangor.

The milestone achievement is thanks to the hospital’s investment in the latest smart hospital technology to improve patient care and precision medicine.

Sunway Medical Centre procured the highly advanced da Vinci Si Surgical System in 2016 and its latest addition, the da Vinci Xi 4th Generation Surgical System, was the first of its kind in the country when it was launched last January.

With its advanced surgical technology, the da Vinci Xi makes complex surgeries simpler and enhances surgical performance, allowing Sunway Medical Centre’s surgeons to have an extended range of motion and substantially improved vision while operating.

Sunway Medical Centre made history by carrying out Malaysia’s first-ever robot-assisted joint replacement surgery in 2021.

These state-of-the-art systems enable robot-assisted procedures with increased precision, resulting in less post-operative pain for patients.

Sunway Healthcare group managing director (hospital and healthcare operations) Dr Khoo Chow Huat said, “This celebration represents a significant milestone for Sunway Medical Centre.

“Ever since we first introduced robotic systems into our surgical procedures, our goal has always been to revolutionise Malaysian healthcare by looking for innovative ways to enhance our patients’ experience and maximising their comfort and well-being.”

The event was also attended by Sunway Medical Centre chief executive officer Dr Seow Vei Ken, Sunway Medical Centre general manager of MIS (minimally invasive surgery) services and robotic surgery Helen Ng Hoy Loon and Sunway Healthcare Group president Datuk Lau Beng Long.

Patients and the media attended the event where Sunway Medical Centre consultant gynaecologist Dr Tan Ee Ping shared about her experience operating with the da Vinci Xi system.

During the event, Ng shared how the expansion of the robotic surgery repertoire in the hospital had benefitted both patients and surgeons.

“Compared to its previous three predecessors, the fourth-generation da Vinci surgical system brings about a whole host of functionalities, such as the overhead instrument arm architecture which allows access from virtually any position.

“It also offers the ability to attach the endoscope to any of its four arms, and the smaller, thinner arms with newly designed joints offer a great range of motion,” said Dr Tan.

The event concluded with a da Vinci Xi demonstration, which showed how a surgeon’s hand movements are seamlessly translated into the robotic arms, allowing precise incisions and enhanced control.

Ng praised the system’s ability to consistently apply smaller, more accurate incisions and movements, leading to minimal scarring and reduced blood loss during surgery.

Besides da Vinci Xi, Sunway Medical Centre also operates with systems such as Mako SmartRobotics and ROSA Knee System, which are used in knee and hip replacement surgeries.

These robotic technologies create an X-ray or CT-derived, 3D module of the joint that enables surgeons to pre-plan the surgery.

With this pre-surgical plan, the software will guide the surgeon where to make incisions and how much to cut before placing the implant.

These robotic systems allow a higher accuracy of implant placements, reduced bone cuts, better soft tissue protection, less blood loss, less post-operative pain, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery and long-term durability.

Source: The Star