Sunway Medical Centre bags four awards at the annual Global Health and Travel Asia Pacific Awards

05 May 2019

Travel Asia Pacific Awards

Travel Asia Pacific Awards


Sunway Medical Centre (SunMed) has been recognised regionally for its health care facilities and contribution to medical tourism as well as in the specialities of oncology, urology and neurology, at the annual 2019 Global Health and Travel Awards.

At the awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 26th April, SunMed won Medical Tourism Hospital of the Year in Asia Pacific, Oncology Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific, Urology Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific, and Neurology Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific. The Medical Tourism Hospital of the Year in Asia Pacific was jointly held by Bangkok’s 38-year-old multiple-speciality medical centre, Bumrungrad International Hospital. On behalf of the hospital, the award was received by Mr Choy Wah Wei, Chief Executive Officer, Sunway Medical Centre.

Mr Choy Wah Wei credited its win in the Medical Tourism category to Sunway Medical Centre’s strategic location in a fully integrated and sustainable Sunway City which sees a thriving community in an integrated development that comprises a host of healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, leisure and commercial entities.

Mr Lau Beng Long, Managing Director, Sunway Group Healthcare Services also expressed his joy with the joint winner on the achievement. “We are very proud to be a joint winner with Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand, as they are a key player and main hub for international medical travellers,” said Mr Lau.

“As Malaysia’s leading multi-disciplinary medical centre, Sunway Medical Centre is committed to bring in new technology and implement initiatives that constantly improve the hospital services be it for cancer or neurology care. We have always been at the forefront in adopting revolutionary treatment modalities, for example in nuclear medicine and radiotherapy treatments. The most recent investment was the Gamma Knife Icon, the most precise radiosurgery device and a gold standard to treat cranial disorders. We combine all these advanced medical treatment programmes with the expertise of our highly experienced staff, employing many doctors, nurses, therapists, radiotherapy physicists, pharmacists etc. These awards are testament to the entire team’s achievements and dedication.” added Mr Lau Beng Long, Managing Director, Sunway Group Healthcare Services.

For the second year running, SunMed has won the above awards with the only exclusion of being the Urology Service Provider category. Hence, with this addition, another speciality has made its mark for SunMed.  The GHT Awards is an international platform that independently and objectively recognises top health care facilities in Asia Pacific region.