Treating Asthma in Children

09 January 2021

Asthma occurs due to the narrowing of the airways where there is inflammation and mucus in the form of phlegm. Asthma is caused by unclean and polluted environments and exposure to cigarette smoke. On average, 10% of children in the Malaysia suffer from asthma and is common among 40% of children with nasal allergies.

The prevention or control of asthma should not depend on medications alone, but prevention from environmental factors that trigger recurrent asthma attacks.

“Children with asthma should stay away from cigarette smoke, dust, pollution, mites and cat hair,” said Sunway Medical Centre Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Respiratory Physician, Dr Norzila Mohamed Zainudin.

There are two types of treatment for asthma, namely for relief and preventive. Treatments for relief are administered through a nebulizer or inhaler, while preventive medication helps reduce inflammation and phlegm to reduce the frequency of severe asthma attacks. Preventive medication need to be administered continuously for at least six months with regular monitoring.

Dr Norzila advises parents to know and monitor their child’s health condition especially the frequency of asthma attacks. If the child experience symptoms such as prolonged cough, narrowing of the chest and difficulty in breathing almost every day, he or she may have acute asthma.

“It is not normal for a child to experience asthma attacks once or several times a month. If this occurs, the child will require further treatment,” she added.

Source: Berita Harian