Your Stools Can Warn You About Cancer

06 July 2021

Sudden change in bowel habits and abnormal stools should not be taken lightly as these are symptoms caused by tumours.

Patients with early colorectal cancer often have changes in their bowel habits. The frequency of bowel movements may increase but the amount may not be a lot each time. Sometimes some mucus and blood are discharged and there is the sensation of still needing to pass stool despite your bowel being empty.

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Dr Poh Keat Seong added that changes in stool shape is also one of the symptoms of colorectal cancer. If you notice your stool is smaller and thinner in shape, it means that tumours are growing in the colon causing it to narrow which effects the shape of the stool.

Not only this, Dr Ivan Shew Yee Siang, Consultant Clinical Oncologist points out that people often think that bleeding from defecating is a problem with haemorrhoids. In fact, the colour of the blood can tell you if there is a problem in the colon. Bright red blood in your stool is normal but if your stool is dark red or black, it indicates that your colon may have a problem.

Besides this, another obvious sign of colorectal cancer is the change in stool odour. If the stool is sticky or thick and has a funky smell, your colon is sending you a warning sign. Get yourself examined as soon as possible.

Source: Sin Chew Daily