AI-Powered Colonoscopy: Next Level Colorectal Cancer Detection

28 December 2023

AI-Powered Colonoscopy: Next Level Colorectal Cancer Detection

Colorectal cancer is often silent until it reaches its late stages. Don't let it sneak up on you.

AI-Powered Colonoscopy - Now Available at Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway City

Stay one step ahead of colorectal cancer by undergoing screening with our latest AI-Powered Colonoscopy. This new cutting-edge technology can instantly reveal if polyps detected in the colon are cancerous during the screening session.


Benefits of AI-Powered Colonoscopy

  • Improved polyp detection rates
  • High sensitivity in distinguishing precancerous polyps
  • Enhanced overall precision of colon evaluation
  • No added risk to colonoscopy

How Is AI-Powered Colonoscopy Different From a Regular Colonoscopy?

Traditional colonoscopies require manual detection of cancerous polyps, which takes more time. Our AI-Powered Colonscopy's unique Characterisation Mode is able to immediately detect cancerous polyps, which would otherwise be missed by the human eye during a regular colonoscopy. 


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