Children Development Programmes

27 July 2023

Children Development Programmes

At Sunway Medical Centre, we're proud to offer you two meticulously curated programmes, the Little Star and Growing Star. Each is uniquely designed to cater to your child's specific developmental stages.

The Little Star Programme, tailored for the earliest years of life (0-3 years old), offers comprehensive support for parents and families seeking to optimise their child's developmental journey during this critical period.

Growing Star Programme has been developed specifically for children aged between 3 to 17 years. This initiative aims to help families enhance their children's school experience, assisting in every aspect from academic performance to emotional coping strategies and beyond.

Our programmes provide a specialised team of child development experts to holistically address the evolving needs of your children. From nurturing infants to enhancing older children's school experiences, we are committed to enriching your child's learning environment and supporting their journey towards a promising future.