Early Knee Osteoarthritis Awareness Campaign

04 September 2023

Early Knee Osteoarthritis Awareness Campaign

What is Early Knee Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis of the knee, commonly referred to as knee arthritis, isn’t just a simple consequence of aging. It's an actual wear and tear disease, which can lead to significant joint damage and chronic pain. Sunway Medical Centre is on a mission to bring light to this prevalent condition and offer support to those experiencing its early signs.

Knee Osteoarthritis is a condition marked by the degradation of joint cartilage. As this cartilage wears down, bones within the joint rub closer together, often causing pain, swelling, and reduced mobility.

Advanced Osteoarthritis – Key Indicators:

  • Bone Spurs – Growth of extra bones known as osteophytes.
  • Cartilage Loss – Thinning or complete absence of the cushion between joints.
  • Joint Space Narrowing – Less space in the joint can mean more friction and pain.

Five Early Warning Signs You Shouldn't Ignore:

  1. Knee Pain: Persistent pain, especially after long periods of inactivity or during repetitive motion.
  2. Knee Swelling: Noticeable swelling or inflammation around the joint area.
  3. Knee Stiffness: Difficulty in bending or flexing the knee.
  4. Decreased Knee Mobility: Reduced movement range or difficulty in walking.
  5. Crackling Knee Sounds: Hearing crunching or crackling sounds when moving the knee.

Special Offer: Free Knee X-Ray

Sunway Medical Centre believes in proactive healthcare. That's why we're offering a FREE Knee X-Ray to the first 100 eligible patients aged 40 or older with symptoms of early knee osteoarthritis.
Eligible patients can receive a 20% discount on Viartril-S 1500mg Sachets and 500mg Capsules.

Note: Valid for self-paying patients only. Terms & conditions apply.

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Worried about the health of your knees? Act now to prevent further damage. 

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