Varian TrueBeam STx

The Varian TrueBeam™ STx technology is a revolutionary innovation in cancer treatment. It expands radiotherapy treatment options for even the most challenging cancer cases in the lung, breast, head and neck, abdomen, liver and other regions.

The system uses sophisticated 3D imaging to target and treat tumours of all shapes, sizes and locations with pinpoint accuracy. Images can be generated using 25% less X-ray dose. These images are used to fine-tune a patient’s position prior to and during the treatment process.

The precision of the system is measured in increments of less than a millimetre. This accuracy is made possible by the system’s sophisticated architecture, which synchronises imaging, patient positioning, motion management, beam shaping and dose delivery. The system performs accuracy checks every ten milliseconds throughout the entire treatment.

Linear accelerator radiation therapy (LINAC) is a form of external-beam radiation therapy that uses electricity to deliver high energy radiation that is used to treat cancer. Its unique feature is its ability to customise the rays to conform to a tumour’s shape and destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal and healthy tissue. Radiotherapy has proven to be an effective treatment for a wide variety of clinical problems, and the linear accelerator radiation therapy could be used to treat all areas of the body, from head to toe.

Linear accelerator for cancer treatment is a good choice for those who prefer a pain-free and safe treatment option. The built-in safety feature in the linear accelerator radiation therapy is to ensure that the dose delivered does not exceed the dose prescribed, and the entire treatment process is constantly monitored by a certified and experienced medical physicist.

Choosing linear accelerator for cancer treatment is a smart and effective decision a cancer patient could make. Today, it is one of the most widely used cancer treatment modalities in many parts of the world, and is available at Sunway Medical Centre.


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