Low Dose CT Scan


Low Dose CT Scan for Lung Cancer Screening


  • Low dose CT Scan without contrast
  • Consultation by Lung specialist

Who Needs Screening?

  • Adults (Male or Female) aged 45 – 75, who are smokers and/or ex-smokers
    *and other at risk groups who may benefit from the screening*
  • Repeated exposure to second-hand smoke
  • Parents or siblings or family members with lung cancer
  • Long term exposure to cooking flames from coal or wood fumes, diesel gas, radiation

Terms and Conditions

  • For foreign patients, appointments must be done through International Patient Centre (IPC): smc_inthelpdesk@sunway.com.my | Tel: +603 7494 1098
  • For local patients, appointments must be done through Wellness Centre: smcwc@sunway.com.my | Tel: +603 7491 1198 / +603 7491 1302
  • The package prices quoted are subject to change without price notice
  • Patients with pre-existing diagnosis of lung cancer are not eligible for this screening package
  • The package excludes other further investigations, consultations or follow-up scans, and  other cross-referrals to other specialties

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