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Patient Experience

We are committed to serving our patients with compassion and high quality care, offering a comprehensive range of medical services, which include world-class facilities and advanced medical technologies.

Centres Of Excellence

Find out about our 26 Centre of Excellence where we provide top-notch medical care.

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Accident & Emergency Unit

Safe and reliable Emergency Ambulance Services.

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Medical Technology & Facilities

World-class facilities with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

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Patient Support

We are focused on providing patient-centered advice and care that takes into consideration the unique needs of each of our patients with a holistic approach that provides both emotional and practical support.

Wellness Centre

We help you manage potential health risks.


Health Packages

Our health packages range from basic to comprehensive.


International Patient

We also assist in coordinating clinical care for our international patients to make them feel at ease.

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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Find out about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to managing your health.

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Support Group

We know that a good support system is just as important as a good care team, hence we provide morale support to our patients seeking treatments.

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Patient Support & Advocacy Groups

We ensure that patients, their families and caregivers will receive appropriate and timely care when needed.

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