How I wish I never need eye-glasses in these situations

04 September 2019

Ong Chin Chin, Eye Centre services


How I wish I never need eye-glasses in these situations:

  • Shower
    Always a dilemma to bring your eyeglasses in or leaving it out of the bathroom. If you are leaving it out as there is no safe spot to keep them in the bathroom, you have to get ready to shower with blurred vision, mix up your conditioner and shampoo or miss the spot when shaving. Or, if you wear them, they will become wet and foggy, hence you still can’t see anything after all.
  • Prescriptive sunglasses
    Firstly, the cost of it might be too much for just one short trip. Secondly, taking them on and off based on the sunshine levels make no difference as wearing clear eyeglasses.
  • Cooking and enjoying hot beverages
    The glasses got foggy and your whole world is less visible.
  • Fingerprints
     It is kind of annoying when we need to wipe our glasses several times a day especially when the microfiber cloth is not always within reach.
  • Halloween
    Glasses will end up spoiling your looks on costumes or just hinder you from wearing any mask.
  • Misplaced eyeglasses
    Most times when we thought we lost them, only to find out that they are still stuck on our face, neck, head, or any other body part that is visible. Or, having that heart drop feeling when we forget where we kept them the night before.
  • New pair of eyeglasses
    We often procrastinate to get a new pair glasses in order to avoid the hassle of finding the right one. When we finally find a perfect frame, it makes us feel great at the moment, until we see the price.
  • Take a nap
    It becomes less spontaneous as we have to find a secured place for the delicate eyeglasses before closing our eyes. Or, when it is spontaneous, be ready to wake up with distorted glasses and some indentation marks on your face.
  • Watch a 3D movie
    It becomes a nuisance having to fit those 3D glasses over the prescriptive glasses.
  • Rain
    Most glasses-wearing people would have a thought of the invention of wipers on the glasses during raining season.
  • Sunny weather
    Get ready to earn those tan stripes that appear under the arms of eyeglasses when the sun is beaming down. Well, this could happen to anyone who have their fancy sunglasses on too. Bear in mind that they have the luxury to take them off and still able to enjoy the clear view.