The best contact lens is LVC

04 September 2019


It is estimated that there currently are approximately 140 million contact lens wearers worldwide who are still looking for the perfect pair of contact lenses despite their 10 to 15 years’ history of contact lens wear. It is common for us to always look for a good quality product, especially one that gives us comfortable and clear eyesight. Over the past few hundred years, contact lens material evolves from glass to plastic, and hydrogel to the current silicone hydrogel to improve comfort and achieve higher oxygen flow to the eye.

In view of the wearing time, it has been extended due to market demand from 10-12 hours per day to a continuous of 30 days’ wear. Contradictorily, frequent replacement schedule of contact lens is being educated and encouraged to the public because of the increased occurrence of contact lens related eye diseases. So, it is clear that people are looking for the most comfortable pair of contact lenses that provides the highest oxygen flow, longest wearing time, most hygienic and provides clear vision at the same time.

Whoa! We are so demanding, yet hard to please. But, thanks to the market demand, there are new improved products and advanced technology that are made available. When discussing the cutting-edge technology in eye care, one thing that we should really consider is – Laser Vision Correction. For contact lens wearers out there, have you ever wondered that perhaps the perfect pair of contact lenses may not be a specific brand of contact lenses in the market? It may be LVC. You may find an answer through the table below:


  Contact Lens Wear After Laser Vision Correction
Material on eyes Silicone Hydrogel (latest) None (the true invisible contact lenses)
Comfort Level (0 to 10) Varies according to individuals 9 to 10 (it’s your own eyes)

Equivalent Oxygen Percentage
*from atmosphere

~75% (for contact lenses with Dk/t of 160) 100%
Up time for clear vision Recommended 10-12 hours per day 24 hours everyday
Contact lens-related eye infection Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that more than 80% of contact lens wearers reported at least one behavior that put them at risk for a contact lens-related eye infection Zero percent of contact lens-related eye infection

Now, let’s fit in the ideal criteria of what we demand for our eyes:

  Contact Lenses Laser Vision Correction
High Oxygen Flow √√ √√√
Long Wearing Time √√ √√√
Hygiene √√√
Clear Vision Period √√ √√√

So, contact lens wearers out there, looks like you found the perfect pair of true invisible contact lens in the market called Laser Vision Correction!




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