Shu Xian’s Leg Reconstruction Journey

15 February 2024

When Shu Xian's life was turned upside down after a devastating car accident, she faced the possibility of losing her leg. With unwavering determination and the support of exceptional doctors at Sunway Medical Centre in Malaysia, she embarked on an arduous journey of leg reconstruction surgery that would change her life forever.

The Search for a Better Treatment Option

When Shu Xian was involved in a terrible car accident, her life changed in an instant. Her right leg had twisted 360 degrees, and the bone was crushed. After being sent to the hospital nearby in Teluk Intan, the doctors informed her family that amputation was the only option to save her life.

After being informed that amputation was the only viable option, Shu Xian's family refused to accept this fate and sought help from various medical professionals. Their persistence paid off when they connected with the staff at Sunway Medical Centre in Bandar Sunway.

This marked the beginning of a new chapter in Shu Xian's life. The medical team, led by Dr Chua Yeok Pin, a consultant foot and ankle specialist, and Dr Khang Nan Chuang, a consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon, assessed her condition and determined that leg reconstruction surgery could potentially save her leg.

Facing the Daunting Task of Reconnecting Blood Vessels

The first and most critical step of the surgery involved locating the blood vessel and nerve line in Shu Xian's injured foot. Dr Khang played an instrumental role in assisting Dr Chua in finding the blood vessel for reattachment.

However, the real challenge lay in reconnecting the broken blood vessels and addressing the completely crushed tibial and fibula bones. These hurdles were further compounded by the fact that the injury site was contaminated due to her landing in a bush after the accident.

A String of Successful Surgeries

Shu Xian underwent a total of four surgeries at Sunway Medical Centre, starting with the successful reconnection of the blood vessels. The next two surgeries focused on removing dead muscles, while the final surgery involved a skin graft from her thigh to her calf to ward off potential infections.

Exceptional Care During Recovery

During her month-long recovery at the hospital, Shu Xian was pleasantly surprised by the delicious meals she was served. She had anticipated bland hospital food, but the reality was quite the opposite.

Moreover, the high-quality care and support she received from the dedicated medical team at Sunway Medical Centre played a vital role in her recovery process.

The Intricate Process of Leg Lengthening

To restore Shu Xian's leg to its normal length, Dr Chua applied a ring fixator to her shortened bone in the calf. This intricate procedure involved breaking the healthy upper tibia and pulling it gradually until the desired length and height were achieved. Shu Xian's immense patience and unwavering determination were crucial factors in her progress during this challenging phase.

Taking the First Steps Towards a New Life

After two months of diligent care and rehabilitation, Shu Xian's bones were strong enough to support her walking without assistance. She meticulously followed her doctor's instructions, performing prescribed exercises to strengthen her leg and improve her mobility. Her leg reconstruction journey serves as an inspiring example of resilience and courage in the face of adversity.


Shu Xian's leg reconstruction journey was fraught with challenges and obstacles, but her tenacity and determination never wavered. With the support of the exceptional medical expertise at Sunway Medical Centre, she was able to walk again without support and regain her life before the accident. Her story stands as a beacon of hope.