Should I be getting Laser Vision Correction (LVC) or LASIK?

04 September 2019

Ong Chin Chin, Eye Centre services


LASIK is a common term since its launch in the late 90’s, people tend to refer to this term for vision correcting surgery. However, LASIK is merely just one type of vision correcting surgery that involves the use of laser beam. The term Laser Vision Correction (LVC) is a better name for such procedure.

There are many sayings about the possible side effects of LVC without weighing the benefits that it brings to us. First of all, let’s talk about the possible or potential side effects:

  • “Possible” = May or may not. There are people who have had LVC reported that they felt comfortable, no signs of side effects after the procedure. It is a good feeling indeed but this pool of people may be too comfortable and forget that they actually still need to follow the post-operative medications. So, if you are very lucky to fall in this category, please remind yourself about the post-operative care.
  • Side effects of LVC are usually short-term or temporary. How short is the period?
    Few months. Is it worthwhile to be patient for few months to exchange for a lifetime clear and comfortable vision? Yes, to most of us.
  • What are the side effects?
    The commonly discussed side effects are temporary dry eye, mild grittiness and glares & haloes. Temporary dry eye can be relieved with the use of lubricating eye drops or gels, depending on the severity of individual condition. People who have dry eye pre-operatively are more likely to experience dry eye after LVC and they may require more frequent instillation of the lubricants. Most of the people will have some grittiness in their eyes soon after they step out from operation room and it typically lasts for few hours. Usually, they will feel more comfortable if they close their eyes to minimise further friction caused by blinking. If you are having higher degree of refractive errors, there is a higher chance that you might experience glares & haloes. This is because people with higher prescription require greater alteration on the cornea in order to restore their vision. Most of us can adapt well to glares & haloes within few months’ time.

Secondly, what are the benefits of LVC?

  1. No more glasses or contact lenses. Imagine those moments that you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and your glasses just went undetectable. It is definitely a frustrating situation. Or, another scenario, during your trip to Finland for the very first White Christmas experience, and your contact lenses didn’t give you full cooperation. Your eyes are extremely dry and your contact lenses kept on popping out. The most effective way is probably to fake yawning to keep your eyes moist. This is another frustrating moment and sometimes it can be embarrassing when you are with your admirer.
  2. Confidence booster. The glasses cover not only your eyes, but your cheekbones, frown lines that give your facial expressions. To many of us, glasses are a sign of insecurity and source of inadequate feeling. Many patients said that they love the benefits LVC offers and they can present their true selves more than ever before.
  3. Longer sleeping time. Without the hassle of putting on and removing contact lenses, getting ready for work or a Saturday’s date has never been so easy and quick.
  4. No more glasses sliding down your nose during your 21km marathon run! In the absence of the need for wearing glasses, we are one step closer to reach our peak performance in any sports that we are good at. It is not possible to drop or break your glasses if you are not wearing any during your basketball match. So, all athletes, now is the time for you to consider LVC.
  5. No more struggle with fogging lenses. Do you realize how troublesome it is when your glasses fogged up while you are enjoying a cup of hot tea? Have you been taking out your glasses every time before you gulped down a bowl of hot instant noodles? The critical moment when you are cleaning the fogging lenses after you gracefully got out from the car in warm climate countries? That little moment while you are wiping the fogging lenses can cause you to miss out incoming danger.  Fogged eyewear can also contribute to injuries in the workplace.
  6. No more barriers when kissing! Well, this may sound a little funny but it is a real pain when you want to express your love to your special one. This is the important moment when you want to see your lover clearly. It is not romantic when your glasses get into the way before both your lips touch.

These are just the tips of an iceberg. There is a long list of advantages that LVC can give to upgrade your lifestyle. The only one who can complete that list is YOU!

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