5-Week Group Training: Mindful-GYM

07 July 2017

5-Week Group Training: Mindful-GYM

Open to individuals, organisations, & SunMed staff

Malaysia’s FIRST EVER structured stress reduction & wellness programme that combines ancient wisdom of mindfulness and state-of-the-art research in cognitive behavioral therapy & positive psychology.


Dr Phang Cheng Kar

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Phang Cheng Kar (B.Sc., M.D., M.Med.Psych.), Sunway Medical Centre’s Consultant Psychiatrist & Mindfulness-based Therapist can help you respond wisely to stressful situations and happify your life.


Programme Outline


WEEK 1 Introduction to Mindfulness
WEEK 2 Living in the Here-and-Now
WEEK 3 Appreciating the Present Moment
WEEK 4 Observing & Transforming Thoughts
WEEK 5 Befriending Challenges


Upcoming Dates

Customized for the multiethnic Malaysian community and supported by 8 local scientific research, MINDFULGym the most evidence-based and leading mindfulness program in Malaysia.


Session 1 1 NOVEMBER 2019
Session 2 8 NOVEMBER 2019
Session 3 15 NOVEMBER 2019
Session 4 22 NOVEMBER 2019
Session 5 29 NOVEMBER 2019


Date & Time Fridays, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location Swan Convention Centre, Sunway Medical Centre
Registration Fee RM1,000 per pax
Inclusive of training materials and tea breaks



BFM Podcast: Mindfulness For Stress Reduction & Wellness

Mindfulness has long been practised, and is said to have complementary benefits that include stress reduction, relaxation and improved quality of life. Find out more about how to practise mindfulness to improve your health from Dr Phang Cheng Kar, Consultant Psychiatrist, from Sunway Medical Centre.


Video: Introduction to MINDFULGym

5-Week Group Training Program Outline

Week 1

Introduction to Mindfulness

  • ABC of Stress & Happiness
  • Mindful Body Stretching
  • NOW-ing: Labelling Physical Activities

Week 2

Living in the Here-and-Now

  • Song: Happiness is Here-and-Now
  • Mindful-STOP & HTC: Taking A Mindful Break
  • Mindful Breathing: Deepening the NOW

Week 3

Appreciating the Present Moment

  • Beginner’s Mind & Mindful Eating
  • Story: A Better Tomorrow Chocolate
  • Mindful Walking & Photography

Week 4

Observing & Transforming Thoughts

  • Mind-Scan: Recognizing Thinking Errors
  • Transforming Thinking Errors
  • Gratitude Workout: Google-WWW-Yahoo

Week 5

Befriending Challenges

  • 5 Mindful Vitamins
  • No Worry-Lah, Be Sleepy: Body Scan & Kindness
  • Cultivating HEART-fulness (Loving-Kindness)


  1. Four Mindful Exercises For Reducing Stress In Doctors
  2. The Art Of Mindful Living For Healthy Hearts


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  1. NOW: Who Wants To Learn MINDFULGym? – 12 Mindful Tools For Stress Reduction & Wellness.


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