HMS Leadership in Medicine: Southeast Asia Program

01 October 2019

Leadership in Medicine: Southeast Asia Program

Global health care leaders must have expertise in leadership, health care finance and human resource management in order to maintain excellence in service and patient care. With the support of Sunway University and Sunway Medical Centre, the Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Medical Education has developed the Leadership in Medicine: Southeast Asia program to ensure that emerging health care leaders in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific region have access to the world’s leading authorities in safety, quality, complex organizational management and health leadership.

Leadership in Medicine: Southeast Asia is a one-year program consisting of three, four-day residential workshops (in Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia and Boston, Massachusetts, US), pre-recorded lectures and interactive webinars focused on relevant and complementary topics.

The program is designed for senior and executive-level professionals working in hospitals, primary care sites, recuperative care facilities and community based health care organizations. The Leadership in Medicine: Southeast Asia program will also be of benefit to clinicians who are transitioning or seeking to transition into administrative management or executive roles. Medical and non-medical personnel and staff who aspire to become directors, executives and administrators will also find tremendous value in the knowledge and skills taught.

Sunway Scholarship Application Deadline

Early Application Deadline

Application Closing Date

December 09, 2019 February 26, 2020 March 11, 2020


Who Are We Looking For?

This program will benefit hospital and other health care leaders such as:
• Senior and executive-level vice presidents and C-suite executives
• Chiefs of staff
• Chief nursing officers
• Hospital board members
• Department directors
• Other health care professionals with supervisory, management or executive-level responsibilities
• Clinicians who are transitioning or seeking to transition into administrative, management or executive roles
• Mid-level medical and non-medical personnel who aspire to become directors, executives or administrators or obtain other positions of leadership within the health care industry.

In the most recent cohort, the following countries were represented:
• Australia
• Cambodia
• India
• Indonesia
• Malaysia
• New Zealand
• Philippines
• Singapore
• Thailand
• Vietnam

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

April 6–9, 2020 September 22–25, 2020 March 30–April 2, 2021
Sunway University, Malaysia Sunway University, Malaysia Boston, Massachusetts

Tuition Assistance

For qualified program candidates, limited tuition support is available in the form of 25% to 50% tuition reductions. Tuition reductions are awarded to students based on merit and eligibility. No assistance is provided for workshop travel, program materials, or other course-related expenses.

Sunway Scholarships

There are a limited number of scholarships supported by Sunway University and Sunway Medical Centre that are available for students in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Cambodia and Myanmar.

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