Sunway GP Symposium: Orthopaedic Knowledge (Updates for GPs)

04 February 2019


Join us as our team of skilled consultants with years of experience across subspecialities as they share their insights in the wide range of orthopaedic related conditions today.

Kindly note that this symposium is for General Practitioners only.

Date: 21 April 2019, Sunday
Time: 08:30AM – 05:30PM
Location: SunMed Convention Centre, 4th Floor, Tower A, Sunway Medical Centre



Time Duration Description Speaker Moderator
0830-0840 10mins Welcome speech by CEO, Sunway Medical Centre    
0840-0900 20mins Hip pain: A diagnostic approach Dr. Suresh George Nainan Dr Ong Shong Meng
0900-0920 20mins Swollen and painful knee” How do we approach” Dr. Suhail Suresh  
0920-0940 20mins Arthritis: Aspectrum of management from GP to specialist Dr. Ewe Teong Wan  
0940-1000 20mins Knee pain after joint replacement surgery: Assessment and diagnosis Dr. Lee Chong Meng  
1000-1020 20mins Case presentation with X ray Dr. Suhail Suresh  
1020-1050   Morning Tea Break    
1050-1110 20mins Approach to shoulder pain Dr. Mohd Nizlan bin Mohd Nasir Dr. Saw Lim Beng
1110-1130 20mins I can’t move my finger: Diagnosis and approach Dr. Ravindran Thuraisingham  
1130-1150 20mins Approach to hand numbness Dr. Teh Kok Kheng  
1150-1210 20mins Is growing pain a myth? Dr Ong Shong Meng  
1210-1230 20mins Case presentation with X ray Dr. Ravindran Thuraisingham  
1230-1330   Lunch Break    
1330-1350 20mins Low back pain clinical and radiological assessment Dr. Saw Lim Beng Dr. Chua Yeok Pin
1350-1410 20mins Neck pain assessment. When is MRI required? Dr. Lau Choon Ping  
1410-1430 20mins Management and instervention injection for backpain and sciatica Dr. Lim Heng Hing  
1430-1450 20mins Case presentation with X ray Dr. Lau Choon Ping  
1450-1510 20mins Managing diabetic foot at the primary care level Dr. Hyzan Mohd Yusof Dr. Lau Choon Ping
1510-1530 20mins Foot pain. Aproach, diagnosis and first line treatment Dr. Chua Yeok Pin  
1530-1550 20mins Case presentation with X ray Dr. Hyzan Mohd Yusof  
1550-1610   Afternoon Tea Break    
1550-1610   Afternoon Tea Break
Workshop with video demonstation
1550-1610 20mins Knee intra articular injection. Dr. Ewe Teong Wan  
1610-1630 20mins Debridement for diabetic wound. How much to cut and bleeding control Dr. Chua Yeok Pin  
1630-1750 20mins Wound care and dressing